Welcome !

My name is Willem Roeleveld, Born ( 1951 ) and raised in Scheveningen, a city on the Dutch coast. Since 2013 based in Vaals, the most southern city of the Netherlands, located on the borders of Germany and Belgium, an so-called tri-border city.  Surrounded by lovely green hills, picturesque villages and nearby the German NP Eifel and Belgian Ardennes. And bove all....the "Vijlenerbos" ......my backyard, a beautiful forest where I've shot many of my pictures on just a 3 minutes drive from home.


I have always had a keen interest in photography and started taking pictures more seriously in May 2011 with the purchase of my first digital SLR, a Canon 550D and one year later a full-frame camera, the Canon 5D mark III which give me the opportunity to work in dark environments, I don't use a flash, always natural light !


My pictures

Mood / atmosphere / emotion are most important in my pictures, and sometimes a wink to the past, hope you have the same feeling like I had making the picture !

For any questions about my pictures .....just contact me, you're welcome !


I hope you enjoy browsing the photographs and visit again to view new work in the future !